Kakuro, the new puzzle game, featured in "The Guardian" newspaper makes it's way into InertiaSoft's games lineup in the form of Kakuro Master.

InertiaSoft Ltd

InertiaSoft Ltd is an independent software development company founded in 2000. We are based in the UK, near the city of Ely. We are commited to developing PC games for the casual gamer market.
Currently we are still a small, dynamic company, consisting of several highly skilled and knowledgeable people. Most of our members carry a Degree in Computer Science, as well as several years programming and design experience.

We mainly develop software using C/C++, although for web and database development we usually use PHP and MySQL. If required though, we can program using many different languages such as assembly, Java and Visual Basic.

If you are interested in contracting our services, or wish to publish our wide range of casual games either online or offline then please contact us at: graeme_clark@tiscali.co.uk

Contact Information:

Telephone: 01353 865 301
Fax: 01353 865 301
Email: graeme_clark@tiscali.co.uk

Unit 27b
E-Space North
181 Wisbech Road
United Kingdom

InertiaSoft Ltd is a UK registered company, No 5016371

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