Jigsaw Mania Online Help

Distribution of Jigsaw Files

Can I give my registered copy of Jigsaw Mania to a friend?
No, you may not distribute the full, registered version of Jigsaw Mania in any way, this would be software piracy, which is a crime. However, you may distribute the trial version as freely as you like so that others can try it, and buy it themselves.

Am I free to distribute self-contained Jigsaw Files?
Yes, you may freely distribute any self-contained Jigsaw file which you create, in fact we encourage it. If you have a website then you may wish to upload the Jigsaw files to it and have them as free games for visitors to download. If you do this then we ask that you include a link to the Jigsaw Mania website on the same page, although it's not absolutely necessary. The Jigsaw Mania website can be found at:

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