Jigsaw Mania Online Help

E-Mail Dialog box

This Dialog box allows you to E-Mail a Jigsaw Puzzle file to someone, so you can send your latest creation to all your friends. Fill in the text boxes as you would a normal E-Mail, the recipient is the only necessary field, this has to be the E-Mail address of the person you are sending the Jigsaw to.

The actual Jigsaw file will be sent as an E-Mail attachment. If you opted to send a self-contained Jigsaw file (EXE file), then the recipient will not need anything else to play it, they can just open the file and it will start a Jigsaw. If, on the other hand you are just sending the Jigsaw puzzle file (PUZ file), then the recipient will need Jigsaw Mania installed to play it.

When you attempt to sent the E-Mail, a warning box might be displayed asking if you want to send the E-Mail, answer yes if it does, this is just for security reasons.

For the E-Mail feature to work, you will need a POP Mail client (like Outlook Express) installed and configured to send mail. This is because Jigsaw Mania uses the mail system which is installed on your computer, if this is not correctly set up then it wont be able to send mail. If you already use Outlook Express to send your E-Mail then you should be fine.

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