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Jigsaw Mania's Features

Jigsaw Mania has the following features:

Browse and download free Jigsaws from the Internet with ease, using the built-in Jigsaw browser.

Keeping track of your Jigsaw collection has never been easier, Jigsaw Mania allows you to browse by category, and to sort Jigsaws by size or by how complete they are.

Create your own Jigsaws! Got a picture? then you can make it into a Jigsaw Puzzle to play yourself or send to a friend using the 'New Puzzle Wizard'. The pictures can be in any format, so there's no messing around trying to convert them. Jigsaw Mania will also resize the pictures for you so that you can have the number of pieces you want.

Create self-contained "gift" Jigsaws and email them automatically. These Jigsaws do not require the recipient to have Jigsaw Mania on their computer, they contain everything they need. You can even post these Jigsaws on your web site as fun games for visitors to download.

Piece rotation mode adds an extra dimension to puzzle solving.

Puzzle sizes are only limited by your computers hardware, which means you can have puzzles with 6000+ pieces

The overview window allows you to keep track of your large puzzles, it shows where every piece is so you never lose anything.

Save and load your position; if you are in the middle of a large puzzle then you can save your current position instantly and come back to it later, something which isn't so easy with a real Jigsaw.

Different piece sets and sizes, for different ages and abilities.

Powerful selection functions; select and move hundreds of pieces at once, or use the 'un-jumble' function to sort a selection of pieces into neat rows. You can also select all side pieces or just a particular side in one click.

The ghosted preview mode allows you to see a semi-transparent preview of the finished jigsaw in the middle of the screen, which can act as a helpful guide.

The Auto-arrange feature lets you instantly arrange all the loose pieces in your puzzle neatly around the ghosted preview in the center.

The in-game status bar lets you know the percentage completed, the remaining pieces, total pieces and the time taken so far.

Jigsaw Mania is designed to be simple and easy to use, you can just pick it up and play. It's a game the whole family can enjoy, from the kids to the grandparents.

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