Jigsaw Mania Online Help

Introduction to Jigsaw Mania

Jigsaw Mania is a Jigsaw game for your computer, it has been designed to work with Windows XP/2000/98/ME. It works like a real Jigsaw Puzzle, but becuase it's on the computer it has a lot of neat features, like being able to make your own Jigsaws to send to a friend or saving your position for those extra large puzzles. Best of all, there are no pieces to clear away, and that last piece never goes missing.

Jigsaw Mania is not restricted to a maximum puzzle size like many other Jigsaw programs; it can cope with as many as 6000 pieces in a puzzle, the only constraint is your systems hardware. If all the pieces don't fit on your screen then there is the "Overview Window", this unique feature displays an overview of your entire puzzle, where every single piece can be seen, so you never lose track of where everything is.

There are a lot more features packed into Jigsaw Mania, this help file will guide you through them all, however you will probably find it unecessary to read it as Jigsaw Mania is so simple and easy to use, a program the whole family can enjoy.

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