Large Apartment Building

As promised, here’s a look out our large residential level, our largest environment yet! The level is designed as the third floor of an apartment building, with five apartments and a communal area. It is shaped irregularly to simulate an older building and is accompanied by plenty of dirt and grime to complete the look! All assets were made in 3DS Max and the environment was created in Unity – click on the images for larger views.

large environment

First up are a couple of images showing off the white boxing stages of the level creation. Here we can block things out and get a lay of the land, any issues we have with scaling or positioning can be ironed out at this stage. This step also benefits the setting up of the lighting, as it highlights shadows and colours so we can more easily see the effect they have on the environment.



The next couple of images show off the final product – texturing, lighting and all. We really let our imaginations run wild with this one since we had a lot more space to experiment; it also gave us tons of ideas for the future!



We’ll be showing off environments at new locations soon – as well as brand new Zombie animations! Stay tuned!