What's so good about Mini Golf Mayhem?

The following are just some of the many features you will find in Mini Golf Mayhem:

Over 50 holes to play!
50+ challenging mini golf holes, featuring everything from water hazards to bouncers, all spread over 5 courses.

Crazy courses, loads of fun!
This isn't your average, boring mini golf game, these courses feature pinball-like bouncers, fans to blow you off course, conveyor belts, sand traps, water hazards and moving walls.

Ultra-realistic physics
Mini golf Mayhem is the first and only mini golf game to feature a real physics engine. This means that the golf balls collide, roll, fall, bounce etc.. exactly as they would do in real life.

Compete with friends and family
Mini golf Mayhem allows up to 9 players to play against each other, who will get the lowest score and win? You can even hit your opponents balls and send them flying.

Amazing 3D Graphics and special effects
Mini golf Mayhem comes with amazing 3D graphics that will make your golfing experience the best yet.

Course Editor
Bored of the default courses? or want to play a specific hole? Then simply create your own course using the built in course editor.

Unlock 'super' secret holes
Complete the default courses on or under par to unlock the special bonus holes. These holes can be used hand in hand with the course editor to create completely unique courses.

ActiveBend© Technology
Aiming your shot is made easy, the targeting arrow bends and curves over the terrain so you can see exactly where your shot will go.

Original Music
Listen to a selection of original music especially created just for the game.

Plus a lot more!
There are so many other features, please download a free demo to see them all.

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