Welcome to the crazy world of Mini Golf Mayhem! this guide will show you the basic rules and game play.

Basic overview
Game Controls
Playing a game
Create a course
Unlocking secret holes
Console Commands
Console Variables

Basic overview
The goal of Mini Golf Mayhem is to complete the courses within the given overall course par. This will be near impossible to begin with, but as you progress and learn the courses your game will improve and so will your score. You can play with up to 9 players at the same time, all competing to get the lowest score.

Each hole has a par; the estimated number of strokes that it typically takes a good player to complete the hole in. You should always aim to complete the hole with par or under. At the end of a course your score (total number of shots to complete the course) will be compared with the course par (all the hole pars added together), The lower your score the better you have done.

Each hole gradually gets harder as you play a course, be sure to familiarize yourself with the controls as they will help you improve your shot. Controls will be explained later in the manual.

Game Controls
These are the basic controls you have access to while playing:

Left mouse button
Used for selecting the ball and taking a shot. Simply hold the left mouse button down over the ball, move the mouse and release it.

Right mouse button
Used for scrolling around the hole, hold the right mouse button down and move around the screen, this way you can get a better view of the level and where you need to hit the ball to.

Middle mouse button
Scrolling the middle mouse button will zoom in and out, this can be useful on some holes, especially when you need to take a long shot. Pressing the middle mouse button will bring the view back to its original zoom state.

Holding tab will give you a complete overview of the course; very useful at the beginning of holes you have not yet played. Note that it is possible to take a shot while you are holding tab.

"S" Key
Holding the "s" key down will make everything move in slow motion, great if you have just taken a cool shot.

"¬" Key
This key (usually located at the top left of the keyboard, just under Esc) will display the game console; which allows you to change many advanced options in the game. The console is for advanced users only.

Playing A Game
To start a new game, go to the title screen and click "new game", this will take you to the enter player screen.

To add a player simply fill in the "Player name" edit box, you can then select a colour for your player by clicking the coloured golf ball. Once you are happy with a colour press the "Add player" button and a golf ball with your chosen colour will appear at the bottom of the screen, repeat this procedure for any additional players who are also playing, You may add up to 9 players. When you are ready to continue click the "Play" button, which will take you to the course select screen.

To select a course you must use the pulsating arrows to scroll through all the available courses. To view the high scores for a course, simply make sure you have the course you wish to view in the middle of the screen and press "High scores". When you are ready to play, either press the play button or click the course image in the center of the screen.

Each player will now take it in turns to play a shot. To take a shot, hover the mouse cursor over the selected ball and it will turn blue, hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse away from the ball, you will see a coloured arrow appear out of the ball and a golf club behind it, this is the direction and strength that you are choosing. To aim, you simply drag the end of the arrow where you want the ball to travel, the further you drag the arrow, the further the ball will travel.

When you are ready with your positioning let go of the mouse button and the club will strike the ball and send it on its way. The above procedure should be repeated until all players have potted their ball, or you have reached the maximum shot limit.

After the end of a hole you will be shown the scorecard, click the screen and it will take you to the next hole. Continue playing each hole until you get to the end of the course.

After the course is completed you will be shown the high scores table, if you have done well enough your player name will be entered onto the top-10 scores. Any new entries into the scoreboard will be shown in red.

Create a course
You can create your own course using the course edit mode. First go to the title screen and click the "Create a course mode".

In this mode you will have a preview image of every hole available to you. You can click the pulsating arrows at the sides of the screen, these will load up different pages with more holes. To create a course, click on a preview image and it will call itself "hole 1", any other holes after that selected will be called "hole 2", "hole 3" and so onů Clicking on a selected hole again will remove it from your course. When you are satisfied with the course you can test it by clicking "Test Course", this will play a single player game through the holes you have selected. When Your course is perfect you can save it by filling in the "Course name" edit box and clicking the "Save" button.

Your course will now be playable from the course select screen, it will also have its own high scores and play just like the default courses.

Similarly if you wish to edit or delete the courses you have created, enter the Course edit mode and click on the course name in the list box, then click "Delete" to remove the course or "Load" if you wish to do any alterations.

Unlocking Secret Holes
As your game improves so will your score, by completing the default courses within their course par, you will unlock secret holes that can be used with the course editor. These holes are different and offer a serious challenge; you will need patience and skill to unlock them.

Advanced options - the Console

The console can be accessed at any time in the game by pressing the "¬" key. It allows you to type commands directly into the game. You can use the console to access many advanced options which are not available in the normal game.

Console Commands

To use a console command, first bring down the console, then type in a command on a line by itself, and then press the Enter key.

List of available commands:

This will nudge the ball, you can only use it while the ball is moving. This can be useful if the ball ever gets stuck, you can nudge it a little.

Displays an estimate of the amount of video memory left on your computer.

Reinitialises the graphics, used after changing resolution or swapping to/from full screen.

This command displays all the loaded images and sprites in the game.

Clears the console.

Displays all the commands that can be used with the console.


Displays a list of the console variables.

Console Variables
Mini Golf Mayhem has a list of variables which can be changed using the console. You can set a variable simply by typing the name of the variable and then placing a value after it. To see the variable's current value just type its name and press Enter.

This variable can be either be 1 or 0, it changes the style of arrow used when taking a shot. The choices are:
1 - (default) Arrow uses the ActiveBend© technology, enables to arrow to follow the contours of the ground.
2 - Arrow always remains straight. This makes taking shots harder as it becomes difficult to judge how to hit the ball up ramps and hills.

Can either be 1 or 0, turns the main game status bar on or off.

Turns the clouds at the bottom of the playing area on or off.

In full screen mode you can set this variable to either 16 or 32 bit colour depth. Only use values or 16 or 32. 16 is the default and usually runs faster.

This variable can be 1-4
1 - (default) shows the normal background, with a cliff and clouds.
2 - Shows the old-style background, a standard green lawn.
3 - Displays only the skybox in the background.
4 - Does not display anything in the background.

Changes how quickly the slow motion changes from normal speed to its maximum slow speed.

Sets the maximum speed the slow motion button will slow down to.

Changes the amount of shots a player can have on a hole, before he runs out of shots.

Changes the width of the in game scorecard. You can change this to display more or less scores on the screen at once.

Changes the speed of the simulation, makes the balls move slower or faster.

Sets the type of texture filtering used.
Can be:
MIP_NONE - no texture filtering
MIP_POINT - linear filtering
MIP_BILINEAR - bilinear filtering
MIP_ANISOTROPIC - anisotropic filtering.

Controls the level of alpha for the ball trails.

Changes the length of the ball trails.

Toggles the trails on and off

Controls the distance that the camera is from the ball. Default is 14.

displays the how many frames per second your computer is running the game at.

Changes the vertical refresh rate of the screen, is only affective in full screen mode.

Toggles full screen on and off. Remember to run update_video after this command.

Changes the alpha value of the in game golf club.

Changes the colour of the console.