Jigsaw Mania - Over 600 Jigsaws on your PC
Get ready for the ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle game for your PC! The award winning Jigsaw Mania comes with over 600 jigsaw puzzles, plus the ability to create your own. This is a must have for jigsaw fans of any age.

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Jigsaw Puzzle of a Fruit collection Feline Jigsaw Puzzle

There are currently 610 jigsaw puzzles available for Jigsaw Mania!

What does Jigsaw Mania have to offer?

Jigsaw Mania has more features than any other jigsaw game around, here are just a few:

Jigsaw Mania comes with over 600 free jigsaw puzzles!

Create Jigsaw Puzzles easily from any picture, in any format, in any size.

Jigsaw Mania has no size limits, create Jigsaw Puzzles with 6,000 or more pieces.

Share your created Jigsaws with friends and family automatically.

These are just some of the main features, read the rest here.

The Bridges of Prauge
Tiger Jigsaw

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