Jigsaw Mania's features

The following are just some of Jigsaw Mania's main features:

Create your own jigsaw puzzles
Create jigsaw puzzles easily from any picture, in any format, in any size. All it takes is a few simple steps.

Over 600 free jigsaw puzzles to play straight away
Browse and download hundreds of jigsaw puzzles from the Internet with ease, using the built-in jigsaw browser.

Create self-contained 'gift' jigsaw puzzles
Turn any jigsaw into a self-contained executable file, perfect to send to those who don't have Jigsaw Mania on their computer. They also make great free games to put on websites. Self-contained jigsaw puzzles have no size limits either.

Build your jigsaw collection
Keeping track of your jigsaw puzzles has never been easier, you can browse by category, and see thumbnails of all your jigsaws. (View it)

Unlimited jigsaw sizes
Create jigsaw puzzles as big as you want, there is no size restrictions, have 10,000 pieces or more if you so wish.

Overview window
Allows you to keep track of every piece in your puzzle, perfect for large jigsaw puzzles.

E-mail your jigsaw puzzles
Automatically send your favourite jigsaws to your friends and family using the built-in emailer. (View it)

Automatically sort your pieces
The auto-arrange feature will automatically arrange your loose pieces around the preview image, saving you hours of tedious sorting.

Piece rotation
Enabling piece rotation adds extra difficulty and a whole new challenge.

Varied piece sets and types
There are piece sets of all shapes and sizes for all ages and abilities.

Save and load your progress in an instant
Need to leave in the middle of a large jigsaw? no problem, just save your position, it will even be automatically reloaded the next time you play.

Ghosted preview mode
Draws a semi-transparent preview of the finished jigsaw in the background to act as a guide.

Plus a lot more!
There are so many other features, please download a free demo and see them all!

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