Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General questions

Q. How many pieces can the self-contained "gift" jigsaw puzzles have?

A. Unlike a lot of other jigsaw games, Jigsaw Mania does not put a size limit on its gift jigsaw puzzles, you can make them as big as you like, even with the demo version.

Q. Can I put the self-contained "gift" jigsaw puzzles on my website or give them to my friends?

A. Yes you can, in fact we encourage it! They go great on websites as freely downloadable games. If you do use them on your website then we just ask that you put a link to the Jigsaw Mania website in return, other than that they are free.

Q. Can sell the self-contained "gift" jigsaw puzzles I create?

A. No, sorry but you can't, not even if you use your own images. If you are interested in selling your jigsaw puzzles then you should look at purchasing the Pro version of Jigsaw Mania, this version allows you to sell any jigsaw puzzles you create, provided you own the copyright on the images.

Q. How big are the self-contained "gift" jigsaw puzzles created by Jigsaw Mania?

A. The gift jigsaw files are usually around 260k with a medium sized image, which is very small. In fact that is probably the smallest gift jigsaw you can make with any jigsaw program. Keeping size of the jigsaw puzzles small is very important if you plan to put them on a website, you want users to be able to download them quickly.

Q. Is there anyway I can make self-contained "gift" jigsaw puzzles with my own advertising in?

A. Yes, the Pro version of Jigsaw mania can do just that, it allows you to put your own animated GIF banners and HTML pages into the jigsaw puzzles, perfect for advertising a website, product or service.


Q. When I run Jigsaw Mania I get an error, it says it can't find ddraw.dll, what does that mean?

A. This means that you don't have DirectX installed, a computer game library created by Microsoft. You will need to download it from Then try running Jigsaw Mania again.

Q. When I run Jigsaw Mania some of the graphics appear to be corrupted or don't display correctly, how can I fix this?

A. Firstly, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX and the latest drivers for your video card installed. If the problem persists then try going to "Options->Preferences..." on the menu bar, then check the box labelled "keep all surfaces in system memory". This should fix any graphical problem, however it may also make the program run slower as the images are no longer stored in video RAM. Whether you will need to use this option depends on your video card and how large your Jigsaws are, most users will not need to change it. Experiment and see which suits your system the best.

Q. The emailing feature doesn't work for me, what can I do?

A. This is probably because you don't have Outlook Express (or another POP mail client) installed and configured on your computer. You can either set up Outlook Express to send mail, or you can send the files manually as an attachment.

Ordering Jigsaw Mania

Q. How exactly can I get the full version of Jigsaw Mania?

A. Go to our online web store by clicking here. Then click on the "buy" button, next to the picture of Jigsaw Mania. From here you will need to enter your credit card details, after which you will be able to download a full copy of Jigsaw Mania.

Please remember to uninstall your demo version before purchasing the full copy of Jigsaw Mania.

Q. How much does Jigsaw Mania cost?

A. The full version of Jigsaw Mania is 12 GBP, which is around $20 US, that includes the software, access to over 610 free jigsaws and any future upgrades. That's pretty great value for money.

Q. Can I buy Jigsaw Mania even if I don't live in the UK or America?

A. Yes, you can. When you purchase Jigsaw Mania you can convert the cost into your local currency, for example if you lived in Germany it would cost around 17 Euros. See our online webstore for more information on this.

Q. What happens if I purchase Jigsaw Mania, but then I loose it and need to get it back, do I have to pay for it again?

A. No you don't need to pay again. When you purchase you are given a unique serial number which can be used to get the full version at any time.

Q. Can I give my registration code to someone else so that they can use it?

A. No, your registration code is just for you to use on your own computer. If you give your registration code to someone else then they would be using a pirated copy of the program, which is illegal. If someone else likes Jigsaw Mania and wants a copy then they should buy it.

Q. I don't have a credit card, or I don't want to use it, is there any other way I can pay for Jigsaw Mania?

A. Please email us in this case, and we will give you an alternate method of payment.

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