Jigsaw Mania Pro version

Create custom jigsaw puzzles promote your website, company or service.

Jigsaw Mania Pro includes a special wizard to help you include your advertisements in a self-contained executable jigsaw.

As well as being able to display your custom banner image (can be an animated GIF) on the playing area, you can also make Jigsaw Mania Pro display a HTML page to the user when they quit the program. This page can contain links to your website, or information about your products and services. You can even embed your own music into the jigsaw puzzles you create.

The jigsaw puzzles you create with Jigsaw Mania Pro are yours, you can distribute them on your website, on CD or you can even sell them if they are made with your own photos.

Use promotional jigsaws to:

Promote a new product, website, service etc...
Put free downloadable games on your website
Sell your photos or artwork as jigsaw puzzles
Much more...

Want to see one of these jigsaw puzzles?
Download a sample jigsaw, created with Jigsaw Mania Pro

Creating a jigsaw is simple and your advertisements can be added in just 2 steps:
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

How can I get the Pro version?

A license to use the full Pro version of Jigsaw Mania costs 45 (around $82 US), to order a copy online, please go to our online website by clicking here. You can also download a demo of Jigsaw Mania Pro below.

Jigsaw Mania Pro version, demo

The Pro version has everything the regular Jigsaw Mania has, plus the ability to add advertisements to self-contained jigsaws and the right to sell anything you create.

Jigsaw Mania Pro, trial version (1.9MB)

Full unlimited version

Sample jigsaw created with Pro version

A sample of what the Pro version can produce, these can be your advertisements.

> Download here (280k)

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