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E-Mail Current Jigsaw

This dialog box allows you to send the currently loaded Jigsaw puzzle to someone via E-Mail. To begin with you must make a choice about what exactly to send, once you have made your choice, press the OK button to go to the next screen.

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Which option should I choose?
This depends on the recipient, and if they already have Jigsaw Mania installed on their computer. If they do have it installed then you can send them the PUZ file, but if they don't then they will not be able to open a PUZ file and so you should send them a self-contained Jigsaw.

Self-contained Jigsaw (.EXE)
This is basically your Jigsaw bundled with a smaller version of Jigsaw Mania (called Jigsaw Mania Lite), this means that anyone will be able to use the file, even if they do not have Jigsaw Mania on their computer. There is one drawback to this though, the size of the file you need to send will be increased, which means it will take a little longer to E-Mail it.

The Jigsaw file (.PUZ)
This option just sends the Jigsaw puzzle, for anyone to be able to use it they must have software to interpret the file and open it, i.e. they must have Jigsaw Mania installed. These files are smaller than self-contained Jigsaws, so they don't take as long to send.

If you are unsure which to pick then go with a self-contained Jigsaw as anyone will be able to use these.

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