Jigsaw Mania Online Help

How to Play

Jigsaw Mania is very easy to play, here is a quick guide for getting started.

Piece Selection (Left mouse button)

When you start you will be presented with the default puzzle, the idea is of course to connect all the pieces together until there are no loose pieces left. To select a single piece just left-click on it and drag it to where you want it to go, if you drag it to the side of the screen then it will scroll the playing area. To let go of the piece, just release the left mouse button, if the piece was placed next to a matching piece then you will hear a clicking noise and the two pieces will join. You can now join more pieces to this group or join this group to other groups, you don't have to do it in any order. Unlike a real Jigsaw puzzle, the pieces in Jigsaw Mania do not rotate, they are always the correct way up.

To select more than one piece at a time, click and drag the left mouse button while it's not on a piece, this will drag out a black rectangle. When you release the left button, any pieces which are completely inside the rectangle become selected. To move this multiple selection, left-click on any of the selected pieces and drag, they will all move as one. If you left-click, but not on a selected piece then the selection will be lost.

You can add or remove individual pieces from a selection by holding down the CTRL key, if you hold this and left-click on a piece which isn't in the current selection then that piece will be added to the selection. If you do the same for a piece which is already selected then that piece will be taken out of the selection.

Scrolling the playing area (Right mouse button)

To scroll the playing area you can right-click and drag, a hand icon should appear, to stop scrolling just release the right mouse button. This is how you navigate around your puzzle to get to pieces which are off the screen.

There are other ways to scroll the playing area, you can use the scroll bars at the bottom and side of the screen, or you can use the mouse wheel if you have one. Using the mouse wheel will scroll the screen up or down, if you hold CTRL while scrolling the mouse wheel the screen will scroll left or right instead.

The last way of scrolling the playing area is to click and drag the left or right mouse button in the overview window.

Rotating Pieces (Double-click left mouse button)

If Piece rotation is enabled, then you can rotate pieces by double-clicking on them with the left mouse button, or if you prefer you can press the space bar while the piece is selected. You can rotate any number of pieces at the same time, or you can rotate whole groups of pieces. To learn how to enable piece rotation, see Options Dialog.

That's about all you need to know to start playing, if you need help on a specific topic then see the rest of this help file.

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