Jigsaw Mania Online Help

Overview Window

The overview window allows you to keep track of every piece in your puzzle, even if some of the pieces are off the main screen. Every piece in your puzzle will always be show on the puzzle overview window. The black rectangle in this window represents the area that you can actually see on the screen. If you click and drag with either mouse button in this window then you will be able to move the black rectangle around and therefore scroll the main screen around.

This window has two different modes, it can either show a simple view or a full view. Full view is where the pieces in the overview are updated as they are moved in the main window, also if you scroll the main window this will be reflected in the overview.

In Simple mode, whenever you move a piece or scroll the screen, the overview isn't updated until after the action is performed. Full mode takes a lot of processing power, so only use full mode for smaller puzzles where there aren't so many pieces to be drawn. You can set full or simple mode in the Preferences dialog box.

The puzzle overview window can be turned on or off by going to View->Puzzle Overview.

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