Jigsaw Mania Online Help

Preview Window

This window allows you to see a finished preview of the current jigsaw puzzle so you can use it as a guide. Some puzzles will not allow you to see the final puzzle until you actually complete it yourself, this is set by the puzzle author.

The preview window can be resized to make it smaller, this means you can leave it in the corner of the screen as a guide which you work on the puzzle. Depending on the resizing mode you set in the Preferences Dialog box it will display two different things. If you select "Resize the image", then the image will shrink to fit the window. If on the other hand, you select "Scroll the image" then the image will not shrink in size, instead scroll bars will appear on the window and you will be able to scroll the image, this is useful if you want to concentrate on certain parts of the image while keeping the original size.

Note that you can also scroll this window using the mouse wheel, which will scroll the image up and down, or you can hold CTRL and it will scroll left or right.

The puzzle preview window can be turned on or off by going to View->Finished Puzzle Preview.

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