We think Inertia is a great place to work, and we’re looking for great people to join us.

Our small size means that team members are more than just numbers or cogs in a machine. We want to invest in people we can train in our ways and who can become core parts of the group.

Self-publishing means we don’t have unrealistic deadlines, but the pride we take in our games means that during office hours, we do work hard, and we expect the same of everyone here.

That’s not to say we don’t let our hair down though.  We’re keen to encourage social activities during and after work because… well, they’re fun!

If you’re desperate to work on the next triple A console game, this isn’t the company for you, and you’re not the employee for us, but we wish you all the best anyway.


Freelance Social Media Manager

March 15, 2018

Inertia Game Studios is looking for a freelance Social Media Manager to compliment our small team! You will be required to oversee all of the social media campaigns and promote our upcoming game “Catastronauts” ready for release in late 2018.

Catastronauts is a hectic 1-4 player party game set in space. You and your allies must battle through a wide variety of enemy ships while repairing, extinguishing and keeping your own friendships intact. Check out more at:

We are looking for an experienced individual that can produce far-reaching promotional content on Twitter/Facebook. You must be able to create enticing graphics (image or gifs) to maximise our social presence as well as develop and maintain the Catastronauts community. Work hours are open for discussion. We’re happy for you to work on this alongside other positions.


  • Plan strategies to promote Catastronauts across multiple platforms.
  • Create fun and enticing content to keep the community talking.
  • Monitor campaign performance and adapt to the results.
  • Work closely with the Catastronauts team.

You must:

  • Have strong written English skills
  • Communicate passion and inspire excitement within your content
  • Have an upbeat and positive attitude
  • Have experience in promoting products through social media
  • Be confident in Photoshop (or similar)
  • Have a strong passion for games

Please send all applications to We look forward to hearing from you!