Inertia Game Studios

Hi! We’re Inertia Game Studios, a small indie game studio based in the UK, in the city of Ely, Cambridgeshire. Here’s some of our most recently games:

Pixel Tap: Color By Number

Relax and wave goodbye to stress with Pixel Tap, an all-new coloring app. Fill in the blocks color by color to create beautiful works of art, it’s so simple and fun!


Gather your friends and join the illustrious Space Fleet in this fast-paced party game! Out now on Xbox, Playstation, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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To find out more you can visit the Catastronauts website here.

Just Jigsaws

Play Jigsaw Puzzles on your mobile or tablet like never before – Just Jigsaws is easy to play, fun and relaxing!


Cross-Stitch World

Enjoy doing Cross-Stitch patterns on your computer without threading a needle or risking a pricked finger with hundreds of beautiful patterns to play.

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Facility 47

Get ready to explore an isolated Research Facility in the depths of the Antarctic! Solve puzzles and search for clues that can help you piece together the mysterious history of Facility 47.

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Jackpot Bingo

Grab your Bingo cards and join the fun! Jackpot Bingo features both US and UK style games where you can play for free and chat with hundreds of other people from around the world!

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Tile Twist World

Twist interlocking shapes to reveal hundreds of stunning pictures in this unique new Puzzle Game!

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Dragon Words 2

Help Sparx the dragon on his adventure through the stars in this fun-filled word game! Link together letters into awesome words and make your way through hundreds of levels scattered around the galaxy!

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Fishing World

Catch over 200 unique species of fish from lakes all across the world! Can you be the ultimate fisherman and catch all the lake legends?

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Mahjong: The Secret Garden

Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime! You’ve inherited a Secret Garden; now you must restore it to its former glory by traveling the globe in search of rare and exotic items.

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Jigsaw World

The ultimate classic Jigsaw Game! Choose from thousands of beautiful puzzles to play directly on your web browser or on your phone or tablet. Or maybe create your own personal Puzzles using a photo or image – it couldn’t be simpler!

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Just Escape

Just Escape, whether it’s a medieval castle or an abandoned space station you’ll need to solve puzzles and find clues to unlock the door and Just Escape.


Escape from Darkmoor Manor

Prepare to explore a mysterious manor house and the fog shrouded moors which encompass it. Solve puzzles and search for clues to discover the manor’s secrets and ultimately escape from Darkmoor.

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Older games…

These are just our most recent games – click here to see our older games…