CompuChess' features

The following are just some of CompuChess' main features:

Unique 3D interface
Comes with fully interactive 2D and 3D chess sets, offering you the best possible view of the game. The 3D view looks about as near to the real thing as you can get in a chess program.

A game for everyone
Plays chess at master level (around 2500 ELO), but is also able to play at a beginners level and anywhere in between. Whether you are just starting out, enjoy the occasional game or are a serious club player, CompuChess can play at your level.

Increased compatibility
Save and load games in the popular 'PGN' format supported by most other chess programs and analysis tools. You can download thousands of free online chess games in PGN format from this website and play through them using CompuChess.

Play it your way
Choose the style of game you want; play a long tournament game, or a quick 5 minute blitz. CompuChess will adapt its playing style to suit the conditions.

A library of openings
CompuChess refers to its vast library of openings during the start of a game, it will even display the current opening at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way of learning new openings and variations.

Step through your games
Use the forward and back buttons to take back or replay as many moves as you want, a perfect way to view and analyze your games.

Get a hint
The hint feature will suggest the best moves for you to make if you get stuck, or if you just want the computer's opinion.

Plus a lot more!
There are so many other features, please download a free demo and see them all!

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