PGN files to download and play in CompuChess

This section contains free online chess games in PGN format (portable game notation), most of these files contain hundreds of chess games played by grand masters.

All of these files can be opened in CompuChess by going to "File->Open", and then you can select which game you want to view and step through it move by move.

The following are all selections of games from major events - like world championships:

Kasparov vs Deep Blue - 4.6k
Karpov vs Kammsky - 20k
Cannes '96 - 253k
Millenium Festival Vienna '96 - 36k

These PGN files demonstate popular opening strategies:

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit - 65k

Budapest Gambit - 417 games, 79k

Sokolsky Opening - 548 games, 107k

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