Jigsaw Mania Online Help

Create a self-contained Jigsaw file (.exe file)

This feature allows you to turn any Jigsaw in your collection into an executable file. This is basically your Jigsaw bundled with a smaller version of Jigsaw Mania (called Jigsaw Mania Lite), which means that anyone will be able to use the file, even if they do not have Jigsaw Mania on their computer.

These files make great gifts to send to people, or to put on websites as freely downloadable games. For example, you could turn a family photo into a self-contained Jigsaw and then email it to a family member as a gift.

When you run this feature it will first ask you to choose a Jigsaw, and you will be presented with your Jigsaw collection. Just choose a file and press the OK button to continue. You will then be presented with the screen below:

You now have 2 options, you can either open the folder with your new file in it, which is useful if you want to upload it to a website etc. Or you can choose the second option which will allow you to automatically E-Mail the file to someone using the E-Mail feature.

If you want to know more about how you can distribute these files, please see the distribution section.

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