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Q. Jigsaw Mania runs slowly and jerky on my computer, how can I fix this?

A. If you have a slow computer or a poor graphics card then Jigsaw Mania may run slowly, there are several ways in which you can increase performance:

Don't load large Jigsaws, or Jigsaws with a large number of pieces. This will probably slow Jigsaw Mania down the most, if there are a lot of pieces on the screen then it has to do a lot more work to keep up.

Disable the puzzle overview window or only show it in 'Simple Mode'. The Puzzle Overview window can slow the program down a lot, especially if it's not in Simple mode.

Turn off "Shadow Effect on Pieces", this also slows the program down as it forces every piece to be drawn twice.

Use a larger piece set, if you have smaller pieces then there are more on the screen at once and so there is more to draw.

Close other unnecessary programs, as these might be taking up processing power needed by Jigsaw Mania.

Make sure you have have the latest video card drivers installed, these can be downloaded from your video card manufacturers website.

Q. My Jigsaws take a long time to load

Firstly, large Jigsaws with lots of pieces will take longer to load than smaller ones, so you can try using a larger piece set. Also, make sure piece rotation is not enabled, as this will quadruple the time it takes to load Jigsaws.

Q. Jigsaw Mania gives me an error when I use the E-Mail feature.

A. To use the E-Mail feature, you must have an E-Mail program, such as Outlook Express, installed and configured properly. Jigsaw Mania uses this to send its messages, so if it is not there, or is not able to send E-Mail then Jigsaw Mania will fail.

If you are still experiencing problems then e-mail our technical support at:

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