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Puzzle Info
Displays information about the current puzzle, such as the author, and the puzzle name. This information is entered when a puzzle is created using the 'New Puzzle Wizard'.

Puzzle Overview
Toggles the Puzzle Overview window on or off.

Finished Puzzle Preview
Toggles the Puzzle Preview window on or off.

Shadow Effect on Pieces
Toggles the shadow effect underneath pieces, which makes them stand out more, however, it also makes Jigsaw Mania run slower. Turning this off will improve performance.

Transparent Preview Image
This draws a "ghosted" preview image of the completed puzzle in the middle of the playing area, pieces can be placed over it making the puzzle a lot easier to complete. This feature is useful if you need help completing your jigsaw, it acts as a guide showing how big the finished puzzle should be and where pieces should go. The transparency of this image can be changed from the options dialog box.

Status Bar
Toggles the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Toggles the toolbar underneath the menu.

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