Jigsaw Mania Online Help

The Jigsaw Wizard window

This dialog box appears when you start Jigsaw Mania, it is also available from the File Menu. From here you can access most of the main features in Jigsaw Mania quickly and easily.

Choose a Jigsaw to Play
Allows you to browse your Jigsaw collection and choose one to play.

Create your own Jigsaw
Allows you to easily create a Jigsaw from any photo or picture on your computer.

Create a self-contained Jigsaw
Allows you to create a self-contained "Gift" Jigsaw, and E-Mail it to someone automatically.

Get new Jigsaws from the Internet
Allows you to browse new Jigsaws available on the web, and to automatically download and install them for you.

Quit this prorgam
Exits Jigsaw Mania

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