Bringing our games to new platforms

With more and more gamers using multiple devices to play casual games, we’ve recently taken our first steps into the world of Facebook Instant Games.

Facebook Instant Games is a platform that allows players to play games across their devices, be they computers, phones or tablets, with a cohesive experience across the devices. With Facebook Instant Games, there’s no need to install a separate app for each game you want to play – they can all be played within the browser on a computer from the comfort of your News Feed, or from within Facebook Messenger on mobile. You can also embrace the social side of games by sharing what you’re playing with friends and family.

So far, we’ve brought two of our games to the Instant Games platform – SUDOKU plus is a completely free game, with a plethora of puzzle types and difficulty levels. It’s super simple to jump into and play, with intuitive controls and tools to help you play in the way you like best, so why not give it a go today? Play here, or search for SUDOKU plus on Messenger.

We’ve also created a new Instant Games version of our newest release, Pixel Tap. If you’ve been wanting to try out Pixel Tap but haven’t got round to installing the app, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go! Play here, or search for Pixel Tap Colour by Number on Messenger.

Screenshot of Pixel Tap Instant - a partly filled in pixel art is shownScreenshot of SUDOKU plus - a Sudoku X is open