Two pictures of computer desks. One has two monitors balanced on stacks of books, plus a laptop. The other is a multi level deep navy desk with gold fittings and two monitors.

Working From Home!!

2020 has certainly been a year for the books – earlier this year, we decided to move our team to home working. This is the best option to keep everyone as safe as possible, and we’re extremely fortunate that our business can be run from home – as long as we have a computer and the internet, we can make games and support our customers from anywhere! So we left our Peter Andre cut out (don’t ask…) to take care of the office and gathered up our computers and supplies!

A glass office door with a Peter Andre cardboard cutout inside.
Peter making sure the office is safe!

There was a lot to get used to at first – not seeing each other in person was strange, so we’ve been catching up over instant messages on Slack instead. We’ve had to adjust to making sure we keep each other well informed via Slack too, since we can no longer use nerf darts to attract each others’ attention! And we’ve all had to set up our own mini office spaces at home – we had to improvise in places, and some of us had to quickly pop back to the office to fetch some things we’d forgotten!

Two pictures of computer desks. One has two monitors balanced on stacks of books, plus a laptop. The other is a multi level deep navy desk with gold fittings and two monitors.

One of the big positives of working from home, aside from keeping safe, is that many of us have new furry companions to keep us company – sometimes they even try to help us with our work!

Taco the chihuahua sitting on a leopard print blanket.
Having our 4 legged companions with us means we can grab a quick cuddle any time we fancy! Here’s Taco
A white dog leaning up against a person stroking it.
Suki checking in to make sure we’re working hard!
Lottie, a black and brown miniature dachshund, laying on a pillow on a sun lounger.
Another advantage of working from home is getting to enjoy the sun in the garden during our lunch break – Lottie loves a good sunbathe
Luna, a white and tortoiseshell/calico cat, sleeping on a desk in front of the monitor and keyboard.
We have to be careful when we nip to get a snack or drink – we might find our desk has been stolen when we return! Luna finds desks a comfy place to nap
Sirius, a black and white cat, lying on Kim's hand on her computer mouse.
Sometimes they invade even when you are there – Sirius was probably trying to help
Lottie, a black and brown mini dachshund, leaning on Lauren's arm as she uses her keyboard.
Lottie also likes to help out with all the important work tasks!
A muntjac standing next to a metal post and a brick planter.
We’ve been able to spot some local wildlife from the windows
A bat laying on cardboard with some yellow ice cubes melting next to it.
We’ve even briefly taken on the job of wildlife rescuer!
Two mini dachshunds curled up together sleeping in a dog bed.
And if our helpers get too tired, they can always curl up for an afternoon nap

Although it’s been a big change, we have all settled into working from home now, and found that using the right tools helps us communicate with each other really well!

Woodland with lots of brown ferns and tall evergreen trees.

Christmas Traditions

After a break last year, we decided to head back to Center Parcs for our annual festive outing this January.

Woodland with lots of brown ferns and tall evergreen trees.
A quick break relaxing at Center Parcs is the perfect way to start the year

We were excited to try out one of the new escape games they’ve recently added called ‘Escape the Forest’. The story starts when you discover some secret information in your late grandfather’s journals and if you do well you might escape with some treasure!! Following the storyline and challenges made us reminisce about some of our earliest puzzle adventure games.

We split into two groups to compete against each other, with Graeme and Greg heading up the teams, and Graeme’s team narrowly clenched the win; both teams were quick, but Graeme’s completed the challenges just a couple of minutes quicker!

Four people smiling inside a large frame they are holding. It's decorated in a forest theme with "We escaped the forest in 27:13 minutes" written on it and the Center Parcs logo.
The Escape the Forest victors!!

Over the weekend, we also enjoyed walks in the forest, trips to the pool and spa (including lots of rides on the rapids!), a couple of lovely meals at Las Iguanas and Rajinda Pradesh, and an archery session with Lauren winning a 2nd place certificate ?

A chicken wire and wood frame with a little door, a sign says 'Shhh... Hedgehogs sleeping'
There’s lots of wildlife around too

Before Christmas we also had our annual Secret Santa gift swap, as well as a Christmas dinner at The Old Fire Engine House in Ely, which after two visits is now becoming a new tradition! The food was delicious, and the company was great too!

Group of people around a dining table full of tablewear, everyone is wearing a paper crown and several have on Christmas jumpers. They're in an old building with sash windows
Us enjoying our delicious Christmas dinner
A Christmas tree with lights and three Catastronauts plushies on it, and wrapped gifts underneath it.
We went for a minimalist look with our Catastronauts themed tree decor this year!
Kim, Greg, Lauren, Laura and Lucy standing in a queue line taking a selfie.

Adrenaline Adventures!

This summer we decided to try something slightly different as a group social and visit a theme park!

We chose the nearby Thorpe Park for a visit, which features plenty of thrill rides to keep us occupied all day!! We got to enjoy lots of roller coasters and other rides throughout the day, and there wasn’t even too much queuing!

Kim, Greg, Lauren, Laura and Lucy standing in a queue line taking a selfie.

The park features the fastest roller coaster in the UK, Stealth, and it was definitely a fun experience! It goes from 0-80 mph in 1.9 seconds.

GIF of a roller coaster cart launching very fast from the right of the view and climbing a tall arc before slowly going over the top and coming back down - the climb and drop are almost straight up and down. It's so tall the camera has to move to fit it in when the coaster is at the top.

We also really enjoyed SAW – The Ride, a coaster with lots of twists and turns, Rush which was like a very, very big swing and Detonator which lets you drop from a great height!

A tall metal structure with people in seats being lifted up to the top.Photography taken at Thorpe Park by Daniel Lewis.

Roller coaster in brown metal with a loop on the right which is currently being climbed by a small cart and a tall straight up - straight down drop arch on the left. In the foreground is a sign reading SAW - The Ride.Photography taken at Thorpe Park by Daniel Lewis.

It was a really fun and different thing to try as a social, and we were certainly ready for a rest by the end of the day! We may have given ourselves a taste for adrenaline, so perhaps you’ll see us at another theme park next year!

Screenshot of Pixel Tap Instant - a partly filled in pixel art is shown

Bringing our games to new platforms

With more and more gamers using multiple devices to play casual games, we’ve recently taken our first steps into the world of Facebook Instant Games.

Facebook Instant Games is a platform that allows players to play games across their devices, be they computers, phones or tablets, with a cohesive experience across the devices. With Facebook Instant Games, there’s no need to install a separate app for each game you want to play – they can all be played within the browser on a computer from the comfort of your News Feed, or from within Facebook Messenger on mobile. You can also embrace the social side of games by sharing what you’re playing with friends and family.

So far, we’ve brought two of our games to the Instant Games platform – SUDOKU plus is a completely free game, with a plethora of puzzle types and difficulty levels. It’s super simple to jump into and play, with intuitive controls and tools to help you play in the way you like best, so why not give it a go today? Play here, or search for SUDOKU plus on Messenger.

We’ve also created a new Instant Games version of our newest release, Pixel Tap. If you’ve been wanting to try out Pixel Tap but haven’t got round to installing the app, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go! Play here, or search for Pixel Tap Colour by Number on Messenger.

Screenshot of Pixel Tap Instant - a partly filled in pixel art is shownScreenshot of SUDOKU plus - a Sudoku X is open

The Inertia team in blue Crystal Maze bomber jackets, posing with excited expressions (except two men who look confused) and arms out, in front of a picture of the Crystal Dome.

Start the Fans!

For our now traditional post-Christmas Christmas do, we took a trip to London this month!

First off we took on The Crystal Maze Live Experience. Based on the TV game show which many of us remember fondly from our childhoods, our team had to travel through different themed zones (the Aztec zone was our favourite!) and complete physical, mental, skill based and mystery challenges to earn crystals.

We don’t like to toot our own horn too much, but it’s fair to say we smashed it, collecting ELEVEN crystals – our host said eight was a good result, so he was very impressed with us! Our team name was “The Cat Stretchers”, named after Graeme’s love for gently stretching his pets*.

Unfortunately, we didn’t triumph in the Crystal Dome, where we were pegged to the post by another team who had some questionable help from their host, but we won’t bring that up, since we’re not sore losers…

The Inertia team in blue Crystal Maze bomber jackets, posing with excited expressions (except two men who look confused) and arms out, in front of a picture of the Crystal Dome.

We had a brilliant time in the Crystal Maze, and we all got involved in trying out the different tasks and helping each other with advice shouted through the little windows. We also only had one lock in (a word of advice – try not to send the clumsiest person on your team in for a challenge which involves lots of balancing)!

After a quick freshen up we were ready for some food, so we headed to All Star Lanes on Brick Lane. We enjoyed a delicious meal including amazing maple wings and probably the best mac ‘n’ cheese to have ever existed. We also got to try some delicious cocktails with fancy toppings and pun filled names.

Collage: 1 Lucy and Greg smiling at a table with cocktails, 2 Greg making a peace sign in gold room as Laura smiles with a cocktail, 3 Graeme, Lauren and Kim smiling at table with cocktails, 4 Greg and Lauren smile as they watch Graeme and Laura sing, 5 Kim, Lauren, Laura and Graeme around a table with cocktails, 6 Greg smiling while Graeme looks surprised

After the meal, we enjoyed a game of bowling (of which Greg was the deserving winner) and then a session in a private karaoke booth! If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know that Rock Band is always a hit at the office; singer is always the most sought after role, so you can imagine how much we enjoyed this part of the night! We covered lots of the karaoke classics like the Grease Megamix and Total Eclipse of the Heart, alongside some of our personal favourites (did you know that Backstreet’s back?).

It was a very fun day, and a great way to relax after a busy year with several new games released. Here’s to a brilliant 2019 and many more days of fun!

Gif of Inertia team sitting on bowling alley benches as Graeme runs across the frame head down, blocking the view but clearly trying not to.

*No animals are harmed in the pet stretching process.

Collection of pixel patterns, some completed and some partially filled in

A year of puzzles!

As well as Catastronauts, 2018 saw us launch two new puzzle games!

In September we launched Just Jigsaws, and it was followed in December by Pixel Tap.

Just Jigsaws is a new jigsaw puzzle game; it can be played across desktop and mobile devices. The game has thousands of beautiful puzzle images and lots of new features – you can choose the number and style of pieces to play each puzzle in, create your own puzzles and use the ‘piece heap’ feature to sort pieces as you go along, and you can also play offline on mobile, making the game perfect for long trips!

Lots of images in rows, with scattered jigsaw pieces below and the words '1000's of stunning puzzles to choose from'Jigsaws in progress on a tablet and a phone, with the words 'Play across multiple devices'

Pixel Tap is a colour-by-number game with lots of different styles of artwork to suit every taste! From simple and cute pixel style patterns, to detailed larger patterns with thousands of blocks, you can choose your favourite packs to add to your collection. The relaxing gameplay has you fill in the squares by number with different colours – you can also choose the style of the blocks, and just like with Just Jigsaws you can play across desktop and mobile, and make your own patterns!

Collection of pixel patterns on a tablet screen, some completed and some partially filled in. Words at the top read 'Thousands of amazing patterns to discover!'
Partially completed pixel pattern of a unicorn with rainbow mane, on a tablet screen. Words at the top read 'Simple, easy and relaxing to play'

You can try out Just Jigsaws and Pixel Tap from the links on our homepage.

Catastronauts is coming to Switch!

We’re super excited to announce that Catastronauts will be blasting off on Nintendo Switch on 24th December (EUR/ANZ) and 3rd January (NOA)! To get ready for this much awaited release you can check out the trailer below to remind you of the interstellar chaos, testing challenges and frantic fun which you’ll enjoy in Catastronauts!

We know lots of Switch fans have been very eagerly awaiting the game’s release, so we’re really happy to be able to deliver this for you! Now, you’ll be able to take on attacking invaders wherever you are! We’ve also enjoyed the excuse to play lots more Catastronauts as part of our Switch testing.

Screenshot of a level in the game, with bombs, cracks and fire

Will you and your friends save the galaxy? Enlist in the Nintendo Switch eShop on 24th December and 3rd January! Or you can already pick up the game on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC!

Close up shot of player putting out their fellow Catastronaut, who is on fire

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Christmas Fun, Part 1

This year we decided to kick off our Christmas festivities and get into the Christmas mood with a proper Christmas dinner!

We headed to a local restaurant, The Old Fire Engine House, which is inside a lovely, homely Georgian building that used to house a horse-drawn fire engine at the turn of the century. We enjoyed a lovely three course meal, with nuts and oranges to finish. We shared some very, very bad but good cracker jokes, and Richard was the victor in the unspoken ‘who can keep their paper crown on the longest’ competition!
A round wooden table covered in cork placemats, glasses of various drinks and red and green napkins, Christmas crackers and flowers. People are seated around the edge wearing Christmassy clothes

After the meal, we headed back to the office to exchange our Secret Santa gifts!! They included some Harry Potter Lego, some cute animal socks, a Halo and Fallout themed t-shirt. We were all very happy with our lovely presents. We followed up the exchange with our much anticipated ‘Cola Taste Test’ – we stocked up on as many varieties of cola as we could get our hands on and undertook a blind taste test. It’s fair to say the confidence with which some players entered the contest was somewhat unwarranted… it’s hard to tell the difference between Cola when you’ve tried five types very quickly in a row! However, there were some impressive deductions, with Greg correctly identifying which two were the full sugar branded colas! Graeme managed a score of zero, which in itself is impressive, and everyone had started to pay great attention to the subtle differences in the sound of pouring cola by the end of the challenge.
An artificial tree decorated with red and gold decorations and fairy lights. There are various wrapped gifts underneath, a dinosaur near the top of the tree and a Pacman hidden in the branches. It's placed in an office with white walls and a blue carpet.

We ended the afternoon of fun with a traditional quiz, with rounds including Christmas movie clips, Christmas dingbats, identifying books from short extracts and general trivia. We also had a visit from some Catastronaut friends – Sarge and our cold-blooded recruit came along to enjoy the quiz with us!
Two plushies on a leather sofa, both in 'Catastronauts' uniforms. In yellow and black is Sarge with a black hat, pale skin and white hair and large moustache. In red is a dinosaur-like green lizard with sharp teeth and ridges on his head.

It was a fun afternoon, and we’re going to be carrying on the Christmas fun in January, with a trip to take part in The Crystal Maze Live Experience in London – stay tuned to find out how we get on!

The group of us doing funny poses (mainly salutes) in front of our EGX stand, wearing Catastronauts t-shirts

Our visit to EGX 2018!!!

EGX is the UK’s biggest games event; this year it was held in Birmingham from 20th – 23rd September and we were lucky enough to get the chance to show off Catastronauts there!!

Needless to say we were very excited, especially with the event falling so close to our release date (28th September; that’s tomorrow!!!). We assembled our space crew, gathered our equipment and headed off to the NEC!

The group of us doing funny poses (mainly salutes) in front of our EGX stand, wearing Catastronauts t-shirts

The event was huge and we managed to get a prime spot, near to the entrance with lots of space for our newest recruits to gather as they try out the game. And it certainly lived up to our expectations! The stall was very busy throughout the event; we started off well, with with lots of people popping by to check out the game based on Eurogamer’s recommendation in their video which was playing in the lobby. Thanks to the team for their shout out!

Lots of players enjoying Catastronauts, while many others watch/wait behind them

We saw lots of great teamwork and strategising throughout the event, along with a few minor arguments concerning who decided to shut the safe room door and leave their friend to burn to a crisp in the heat of a solar flare – but most groups managed to make it up before the end of the demo 🙂

As always, we like to give a little shoutout to some of the other awesome games which we spotted while at the event. Here are some of our favourites:
+ Double Pug Switch, a challenging platformer where you play a pug in parallel dimensions
+ Heaven’s Vault, an adventure game where you get to decipher an entire ancient language
+ Obsol33t, a game where you take on the role of a hacker who uses a wheelchair in a futuristic but inaccessible city
+ The Bradwell Conspiracy, an immersive narrative-driven puzzler where you uncover secrets as you work to escape the complex of a company who may not be all they seem (plus they were handing out awesome Stonehenge hats!!)
+ Super Mario Party – we’re all huge Mario fans and, of course, we love party games, so this game was pretty much our ideal title!

Kim posing, screaming with her arms up in the air, matching the Catastronaut on the poster behind her

We finished the event tired but very happy; we were thrilled with the awesome reception the game received! A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by to have a look or take a play, and if you didn’t get a chance to, never fear – you can try the full game yourself tomorrow on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!!

Catastronauts is blasting off on September 28th!

Catastronauts is blasting off on September 28th!

We’re delighted to announce that Catastronauts will be launching on September 28th on PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One! To celebrate this announcement, we’ve made a brand new trailer to give you a glimpse of the interstellar chaos, testing challenges and frantic fun!

Gather your friends and arm the torpedoes!

Catastronauts is a fast-paced 1-4 multiplayer action game in which players become a crew of intergalactic spacefarers who must work together to destroy an attacking enemy fleet, whilst frantically struggling to keep their own ship intact. Co-ordination, co-operation and decisiveness are essential to victory, as multiple tasks need to be taken care of across the vessel.

In addition to the regular occupational hazards, each level offers unique challenges and dangers to deal with including solar flares and malfunctioning extraction doors. Meanwhile a whole host of unique mechanics will keep even the most experienced crew members on their toes.

Will you and your friends save the galaxy?

Screenshot of a level in the game, with bombs, cracks and fire

Enlist now on Steam

Don’t miss out on a second! If you plan to save the galaxy on your PC, you can add Catastronauts to your wishlist right now by clicking here.

Close up shot of player putting out their fellow Catastronaut, who is on fire

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Switch fans will not miss out on the mayhem! Catastronauts will be released on the Nintendo eShop in the near future so that you and your friends can take on attacking invaders wherever you are! Follow Catastronauts on your favourite social media to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and developments.

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