A bearded dragon vivarium with a black tiled floor

Vivarium Adventures!

This week Gerard had a very exciting and much anticipated upgrade to his vivarium!

Bearded Dragons live in a desert climate, so they are often kept on sand – this was what Gerard was used to as a baby, and has been living on since we became his beardie family. However, we’re always researching, to help us learn more about how to keep him healthy and happy, and we decided it would be better for him to have tiles in his vivarium.

Luckily Graeme already had some tiles which were just perfect. After some measuring, more measuring and a final measure just to check, we got the tiles cut to size and had a big spring clean to get rid of all the sand!

We all love the look of Gerard’s new viv… it reflects the sleek, modern dragon he is. It will also mean no more orange hands and feet!! Gerard himself has been in a ‘sit as high as possible and look dominant’ kind of mood since he’s come out of brumation (which is like his low-effort version of hibernation), so he hasn’t explored the new floor much yet; when he did investigate, he seemed completely unperturbed about the change!

Check out Gerard’s shiny new viv below, plus an obligatory ‘I’m a handsome lizard’ shot!

A bearded dragon vivarium with a black tiled floor
The tiles in action!
Gerard the bearded dragon posing on a rock
Feeling very chill (Can you spot the photobombing locust?)
This is where our shoes and umbrellas live!

Welcome to our office!

We thought you might like to come on an updated office tour, to see a little more about the place where the game magic happens!

Let the tour commence!!

Some of our team hard at work!
Some of our team hard at work!
This is where our shoes and umbrellas live!
This is where our shoes and umbrellas live.
Our pool table, used for many a lunchtime game, with our Catastronauts team busy in the background!
Our pool table, used for many a lunchtime game, with our Catastronauts team busy in the background.
The perfect place for a relaxing break!
The perfect place for a relaxing break.
Here's where our Catastronauts  team plan for the year ahead...
Here’s where our Catastronauts team plan for the year ahead…
Time is ticking!
We’re very excited!!
Our testing station - grab a controller!
Our testing station – grab a controller!
Our meeting room, where great ideas are born.
Our meeting room, where great ideas are born…
... and elephants wearing unicorn horns, on their birthdays.
… and elephants wearing unicorn horns, on their birthdays.
Fancy a game of Point Blank 2? Plus, can you spot Gerard?
Fancy a game of Point Blank 2? Plus, can you spot Gerard?
Here's where we enjoy our social nights, as well as some lunchtime Super Smash Bros.
Here’s where we enjoy our social nights, as well as some lunchtime Super Smash Bros.
Thanks for checking out our office tour - come back soon!
Thanks for checking out our office tour – come back soon!
Collage of Saturday Activities

Christmas Capers!

This year for our annual Christmas do we decided to head back to Center Parcs for some more fun in the forest!

First off, before Christmas, we had a merry afternoon in the office, where we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts, listened to lots of classic Christmas songs and enjoyed some games, including Jackbox, one of our office favourites.


In January, we headed off for a weekend at Center Parcs in Elveden. On our arrival day we enjoyed a meal at Huck’s American Bar & Grill – unfortunately, Graeme couldn’t make the trip this time, so instead we had a competition to add him to our group photo…

Comp to add Graeme

On the Saturday Alice, Kim and Laura spent some time with birds of prey, while lots of us tried out field archery. Later on a group of us made a very relaxing visit to the spa, and we also enjoyed the outdoor hot tub – so much that we didn’t want to leave it! We also had our traditional Saturday games night, where we enjoyed a new game for the office – Game of Phones! There was also lots of music, chatting, enjoying the pool table and of course, the obligatory game of telestrations!

Collage of Saturday Activities
alice bird gif

Sunday meant it was time for the Inertia Company Treasure Hunt!! We split into two teams and followed a series of clues hidden around the park, and completed some bonus photo challenges along the way! The winning team were rewarded with medals (yay!) and everyone got a goody bag of sweets to take home (yum!).

Sunday collage

We all had a blast, and really enjoyed our trip – we were especially excited that we managed to mostly avoid the dreaded winter colds! Here’s to another awesome year at Inertia 🙂

Preparing for the murder mystery

A Heroic Death!!

At the start of November, we held another of our now traditional murder mystery parties!

The day started with a bit of a hiccup when we arrived to find the office had no internet.

Luckily we managed to find other things to do to amuse ourselves…

Making a rocket
Using our creative skills to make Alice a rocket
Playing Margrave 4
Enjoying one of our classic games, Margrave: The Blacksmith’s Daughter
Preparing for the murder mystery
Preparing for our murder mystery party

In the afternoon, after many fruitless calls to our ISP we decided to start our Murder Mystery party a little early. We all got in to costume, finalised our voices and had one last read of our character sheets before gathering to play out “A Heroic Death”! This murder mystery was by Freeform Games (who we highly recommend!) and was more than your average murder mystery game. Rather than just solving the murder, everyone had their own goals to work on – this resulted in lots of treachery, blackmail, theft and wild accusations!

Everyone in costume
The SuperHeroicJusticeDoomSquad ready to get solving!
Captain Amazing!
Captain Amazing! He got some weird looks buying those knickers in Peacocks…

In the game we played a group of superheroes, the SuperHeroicJusticeDoomSquad, trapped in their base and trying to solve the mysterious murder of their manager Bernard, as well as escape the base to save the world! With a group of people with special powers, there was also lots of tit-for-tat arguing with said powers, which included some pass the parcel style stealing of important items and one player stopping everyone from getting to the buffet!

Murder Mystery Props
Some of the props from our party
Superhero Cards
Our Superhero Cards, a most sought after item from the night!

Although our heroes failed to escape their base to save the world, between everyone they managed to piece together most of the murder story (despite some excellent tactics from the murderer to throw people off!) and everyone achieved lots of their goals, including reversing global warming, gathering money to pay off debts and uncovering secrets from their own past. The debrief session at the end of the night was especially fun when players discovered who had been blackmailing them, stealing from them and lying to them all night! We all really enjoyed this murder mystery party and are already looking forward to the next one.

Screenshot of Catastronauts

An introduction to our latest project – Catastronauts!

We’re excited to be able to give you a sneak peak of one of the most exciting projects we’re working on at the moment. May we introduce…. Catastronauts!!

Life as a space cadet is never easy; enemies constantly bombarding your ship, torpedoes exploding in your hands, your fellow cadets accidentally getting you sucked into the void of space…

Catastronauts is a hectic local co-op multiplayer game, where up to four friends work together to defeat enemy ships before their own ship is taken down, while getting to grips with a range of obstacles and new weapons. You can expect lots of mistakes, accidentally killing each other (don’t worry, your ship has a cloning bay, of course), shouts of “Get the toolbox you muppet!!” (actual quote) and other hilarious fun; you’ll be able to defeat the enemy only once you start to work together.

Screenshot of Catastronauts
Guys… I think I’m on fire

With influences from co-op games such as Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked (one of our favourites for office socials!) and space-themed sims like Subset Games’ FTL, we’re working hard to produce a game that we think groups of friends and family will love playing together, with some unique new mechanics and very fun levels. Right now our Catastronauts team is focusing on putting the prototype through its paces with lots of play testing to figure out which mechanics work best together and balance the level difficulties.

Catastronauts Character Select Screen
Our character selection screen
Concept Art for Catastronauts - The Enemy Ship
Concept art for an enemy ship

We’re really excited about this project and can’t wait to share more about it with you in the coming months. You can check out some prototype gameplay in the video below. Let us know what you think on Twitter @Inertia_Game.

Let's Get Quizzical!

Let’s Get Quizzical!

For a recent social we enjoyed our third office pub quiz, this time with Kim as a new quizmaster (so Graeme had a chance to compete)!

With music rounds, picture rounds, acronyms and trivia our two teams battled it out, and the Labracadabrador team claimed victory, with a 5 point lead over Chicken Ball-Z.

We thought we’d share a few of our questions for you to have a go at!

1. What does SCUBA stand for?

2. Name the eight core lessons which Harry Potter has to attend during his first year at Hogwarts.

3. What is the largest species of dolphin?

4. What year was Doom first released?

5. True or false – Maine is the closest US state to Africa

Ready for the answers? Click here!

1. Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

2. Potions, Herbology, Charms, Transfiguration, Flying, Astronomy, Defence against the Dark Arts, History of Magic

3. Killer Whale/Orca

4. 1993

5. True!

As always, this was one of our favourite social activities… it gives us a chance to show our competitive side outside of video games (“but I’ve SEEN bananas grow on trees!”), and to come up with puns for team names as well as some comic answers for the questions we didn’t know (does anyone else think that DEFRA might stand for “Dubious Elephant Figure Rendered by grAeme?).

A fine day for a BBQ

A fine day for a BBQ

This year we’ve been blessed with an unusually high number of good weather days – the sun has been working in overdrive to give us way more than the standard UK quota of 2 sunny days per year!

We decided to take full advantage of this by holding a BBQ at Greg’s house. A particularly mild and pleasant Monday was settled on and we made our way there in the afternoon. We started with a couple of rounds of telestrations – see if you can guess what is represented in Graeme’s picture below…

By Graeme (1)

Lucy then took on the role of chef and cooked us up some delicious burgers, sausages, wings, halloumi and kebabs, plus Alice made some delicious piña coladas! Once we were all fed and watered we moved inside for some Singstar – classic hits enjoyed included Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” and Anastacia’s “Left Outside Alone”.

IMG_20170717_185813645 IMG_20170717_185800393

We then moved on to the cardboard box game; players have to pick up an ever shrinking cereal box using only their mouth, while only touching the ground with their feet. Lucy and both Lauren’s managed to make it to the final round which involved picking up just a flat piece of card. The surprising flexibility of some office members made us suspect some people may have been practising over the weekend!

collagte box game

Lastly we enjoyed a game of sardines (we are grown ups, we swear!). We turned the lights off and shut the curtains, and one person went off to hide. The others then searched one by one and joined them in their hiding place. Lauren L found a particularly clever hiding place planking across the dining chairs under the table, while Graeme and Kim managed to hide undiscovered in Greg’s wardrobe for at least 10 minutes!

Our first year of Beardie parenthood

Our first year of Beardie parenthood

This June was a special month at Inertia – it marked one year since Gerard, our office bearded dragon came to join us!

This meant he got a shiny new UV lamp for his vivarium, and we thought it was a perfect time to give you a lizard update.

Gerard has grown quite considerably since we first brought him to his new home! Much like having a child, you don’t seem to notice him growing when you see him every day, but we’ve kept a growth chart for him (when he’ll permit us to measure him) and his tail is now almost as long as he was when we first got him!


Gerard definitely seems to have enjoyed his first year with us! He still loves his locusts but his favourite veggies are now the leafy ones – rocket and watercress! He’s currently going through his second shed with us, and recently received a new addition to his viv – a hidey cave! After a week or so of looking at the cave suspiciously, followed by a couple more of climbing on top of it (climbing is one of his favourite pastimes!) he finally decided to venture inside, and now regularly curls up for a nap when he gets exhausted from the daily rigours of lizarding.

The year has also offered opportunities to practice his jumping skills, and we’ve had a few near misses around the office! Luckily one of us has always managed to catch him before he could fall any great height. We’ve also managed to (mostly) avoid any stray locusts…

We’ve all grown quite attached to our smallest colleague, and he’s proven to be a unique and surprisingly endearing office pet! Here’s to another year (and many more) of beardie companionship!

IMG_20170705_142829685 19807445_10158197362287037_661091074_o 19749787_10158197363362037_374822339_o

Check out Gerard’s baby pics and see how much he’s grown here!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

18422215_10155075868145528_7208135263268758158_oOne sunny day in May, we decided that it was the perfect day to take a well earned break from our recent hard work (with the release of Jackpot Bingo and big updates to Cross-Stitch World) and take a trip to the beach!

Hunstanton (or Sunny Hunny as it’s known locally) is the closest beach to our office in Ely, so we took a drive and arrived just in time for lunch!

First off, we enjoyed some fish and chips while successfully thwarting several attempts of chip theft by a menacing gang of seagulls.

We then headed to an arcade, where we changed up our coins for 2ps and had a go at winning some prizes! No-one managed to hit the jackpot this time, but we did collect a fair few tokens to exchange for treats.

Next stop was a sweet shop where we stocked up on rock, candy and a marshmallow man on a stick for Lucy! This was followed by a pleasant stroll along the front back to the beach at Old Hunstanton, where we explored the sand, although no one was quite brave enough (or appropriately dressed!) to take a proper paddle. Alice and Lauren did explore some fairly deep puddles though!

After that it was time to head back to the office to finish off the day and shake the sand out of our shoes. It was a fun excursion, which we will repeat in the future – Graeme who was on his annual leave has made us promise to make sure he’s in the next time we go!

IMG_20170511_150504857 IMG_20170511_151036496 IMG_20170511_141128867

Jackpot Bingo!

Jackpot Bingo!

We’ve just launched our latest game, Jackpot Bingo! It’s a new casual, social bingo game and is available now to play on Facebook!


Grab your Bingo cards and join the fun! Jackpot Bingo features both US and UK style games, both are super easy and free to play.

Play and chat with hundreds of other people from around the world – make new friends and become a part of the community! Unlock colorful new daubers to mark your cards in style or treat your fellow players to a round of drinks to show your generosity.

There’s loads of rooms to choose from including free card rooms and high roller rooms with bigger payouts! You can relax in an automatic room or enjoy an exciting, fast-paced manual game. Play with up to 8 cards at once, with up to 6 prizes available per round! Jackpot Bingo also features special Jackpot rounds with mega prizes!

Play Jackpot Bingo today and become part of the community!

Head over to the game now to check it out You can also head over to the Jackpot Bingo Community Page on Facebook and like it, so that you can keep up to date with the latest news and offers from the game!

Play the game on Facebook here

Visit the Jackpot Bingo Community Page here