Working From Home!!

2020 has certainly been a year for the books – earlier this year, we decided to move our team to home working. This is the best option to keep everyone as safe as possible, and we’re extremely fortunate that our business can be run from home – as long as we have a computer and the internet, we can make games and support our customers from anywhere! So we left our Peter Andre cut out (don’t ask…) to take care of the office and gathered up our computers and supplies!

A glass office door with a Peter Andre cardboard cutout inside.
Peter making sure the office is safe!

There was a lot to get used to at first – not seeing each other in person was strange, so we’ve been catching up over instant messages on Slack instead. We’ve had to adjust to making sure we keep each other well informed via Slack too, since we can no longer use nerf darts to attract each others’ attention! And we’ve all had to set up our own mini office spaces at home – we had to improvise in places, and some of us had to quickly pop back to the office to fetch some things we’d forgotten!

Two pictures of computer desks. One has two monitors balanced on stacks of books, plus a laptop. The other is a multi level deep navy desk with gold fittings and two monitors.

One of the big positives of working from home, aside from keeping safe, is that many of us have new furry companions to keep us company – sometimes they even try to help us with our work!

Taco the chihuahua sitting on a leopard print blanket.
Having our 4 legged companions with us means we can grab a quick cuddle any time we fancy! Here’s Taco
A white dog leaning up against a person stroking it.
Suki checking in to make sure we’re working hard!
Lottie, a black and brown miniature dachshund, laying on a pillow on a sun lounger.
Another advantage of working from home is getting to enjoy the sun in the garden during our lunch break – Lottie loves a good sunbathe
Luna, a white and tortoiseshell/calico cat, sleeping on a desk in front of the monitor and keyboard.
We have to be careful when we nip to get a snack or drink – we might find our desk has been stolen when we return! Luna finds desks a comfy place to nap
Sirius, a black and white cat, lying on Kim's hand on her computer mouse.
Sometimes they invade even when you are there – Sirius was probably trying to help
Lottie, a black and brown mini dachshund, leaning on Lauren's arm as she uses her keyboard.
Lottie also likes to help out with all the important work tasks!
A muntjac standing next to a metal post and a brick planter.
We’ve been able to spot some local wildlife from the windows
A bat laying on cardboard with some yellow ice cubes melting next to it.
We’ve even briefly taken on the job of wildlife rescuer!
Two mini dachshunds curled up together sleeping in a dog bed.
And if our helpers get too tired, they can always curl up for an afternoon nap

Although it’s been a big change, we have all settled into working from home now, and found that using the right tools helps us communicate with each other really well!