Our trip to EGX Rezzed!

At the start of April we officially announced Catastronauts!! If you haven’t already, check out the trailer below:

Eager to get out into the world and show people what we’ve been working on, we had the awesome opportunity to exhibit Catastronauts at EGX Rezzed on 13th-15th April. Rezzed is London’s biggest consumer games event; hundreds of devs gather to show off recent or upcoming PC and console projects. From solo devs and small indie studios like ours through to bigger studios, the focus is on having playable versions of the games, making for a very fun weekend for all attendees!

We packed up our many, many bags and headed up to London where the event was being held in the super trendy Tobacco Dock (we’re totally cool and trendy you see!). After a few hiccups with a couple of deliveries (thanks are due to the brilliant Rezzed team who were the heroes of the weekend!) we were set up and ready to go.

Catastronauts Stand at Rezzed
Our stand, ready to go!

The weekend was, much like a level of Catastronauts, very hectic with lots of to-ing and fro-ing and talking! Luckily, unlike Catastronauts it was not friendship breaking – in fact, we had the chance to speak to lots of other devs, people from the industry and future players of the game! There was also, thankfully, no fire.

We had lots of great feedback about the game, and a lot of people went away excited for more in the future. Tons of people came to try out the game, sometimes coming back for a second go with new friends to shout ‘SOLAR FLARE!! INTO THE SAFE ROOM!!’ at. We also had lots of lovely merch to give away (we <3 wristbands and posters) as well as a ‘Design your own Catastronaut’ competition, which is still running if you’re feeling arty!!

Catastronauts Stand Busy at Rezzed
Things got pretty busy!
Catastronauts Competition and Merch at Rezzed
We got lots of awesome entries for our competition

On the final day of the show things were slightly more chill, and we were able to each grab a short break to explore some of the other games we were each looking forward to. Some of our personal favourites included:

+ Ooblets, a super-cute Pokemon and Animal Crossing hybrid
+ Phogs!, where you and a friend work together to control a double-ended doggo
+ Forgotten Anne, a story driven adventure/puzzle platformer, with a beautiful cinematic style
+ Vermintide 2, a four player first-person action game, the newest installment in the Warhammer universe
+ Bury me, my Love, an interactive fiction where you play as the husband of Nour, a Syrian woman leaving Homs to try and start a new life in Europe

This was our first time showing off one of our games at a big exhibition, and we really enjoyed it. If you are interested in checking out Catastronauts at future events, you can catch us at Norwich Gaming Festival where we’ll be from 1st-3rd June. You can also follow us on social media for all the latest on the game!

Catastronauts on Facebook and Twitter; wishlist the game on Steam

Inertia Game Studios on Facebook and Twitter

Some of the team at Rezzed
Thanks for reading!