Lauren Lakey

Christmas Party 2014

Christmas Party 2014

On a sunny day in late December, having spent the morning playing games and being festive in the office, we set off on a train journey towards the Capital!

En route to London, we found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves and spent our journey mainly playing the Who am I game.. although unfortunately it involved no stickers on foreheads.

After checking in to a very pleasant hotel, we headed off to activity number 1.. A real life escape the room game! Once here, we split into two teams – Greg v Graeme – and each entered two identical rooms with the challenge of using the clues in the room to solve the murder mystery and escape from the room! Despite a high level of intelligence across both teams, it proved trickier than anticipated. A few clues later and both teams seemed about even, however towards the end, Graeme’s team were held up by a faulty torch and this proved to be a costly set back! Greg’s team managed to get out before the hour was up whilst Graeme’s team were left frantically trying to put the clues together and after being given a little extra time, finally managed to escape.

Having escaped the rooms, it was time to document our adventure using the photobooth and dress up gear provided…

collage escape hunt


There was still more fun to be had however! The part of the evening that Alex in particular had been looking forward to.. food! We all enjoyed a very festive meal (and a few festive drinks) as the evening got underway.

The evening progressed and next on our agenda was the Vodka Ice Bar! We all robed up and entered the frosty bar, where of course the only way to warm up was to enjoy a few more festive drinks, served in glasses made from ice.



After 45 minutes we were thoroughly frozen and it was time to head to some bars of the traditional variety. This turned out to be just the one bar for the rest of the night, mainly due to the allure of the gaming tables that were discovered – Pacman in a club has never seemed so appealing! A number of hours, shots, Pacman games and dances later it was time to hit the hay and we all headed back to hotel for some well earned sleep after a very enjoyable day and evening.


Laura Di Paolo – Administrative and Office Assistant


I usually play video games in the evening so now I get to do it during the day too! Ok, I don’t get to play that many games in the working day (apart from our lunch breaks when I get beaten mercilessly at ‘Super Smash Bros’) but I do get to talk about them and be surrounded by talented, and like-minded, people. My days usually consist of helping out our players with any queries, creating content for our games and, if the need arises, play-testing our upcoming games!

Kieran Newland - Lead Game Developer

Kieran Newland – Lead Game Developer

kieran_croppedInertia was my first job from University in 2015 where I joined as a programmer. I’m a robot so programming comes naturally to me. I was entrusted with a large amount of responsibility early on and I’m now the captain of a dedicated space crew. All of my time is spent on making Catastronauts the best it can be and hopefully the release will reflect that. Beep boop.

Aside from work, I’m addicted to Smash Bros. Every lunch time consists of an hour of practice. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll find yourself at home here. I’m pretty sure the rest of the office is ready for a change of scenery though…


Alice Middleton – Programmer

In East Norfalice_croppedolk, born and raised,
On the computer was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool,
And all throwin some Pokéballs at Tentacruel,
When a couple of guys who were up to no good,
Started making games in the Ely-hood,
I played one little game and no others compared,
So now I’m having loads of fun working there!


Lauren Duke - 3D Artist

Lauren Duke – 3D Artist

lauren2_croppedAs a new addition to the Inertia crew fresh from a Masters, I’m known as one of the ‘arty farty’ people on the team; Initially starting as a 3D artist with a love for pretty pixels and a passion for gaming, I soon began to wear many a metaphorical hat!

Nowadays I enjoy the challenge that each week brings; from concepting ideas, to modelling, texturing and animating. There’s always something fun and interesting to work on, and plenty of cool ideas to keep my hungry imagination happy!