The newest addition to our games - Facility 47!

The newest addition to our games – Facility 47!

We have just released a brand new game! Facility 47 is an exciting Point and Click Adventure game available on iOS, Android and coming soon to PC.

Get ready to explore an isolated Research Facility in the depths of the Antarctic as Facility 47 hits iOS and Android stores (PC version coming soon!). In this point and click style adventure game, players must solve puzzles and search for clues as they make their way round the Facility and its surroundings.

Players begin the game finding themselves locked in an icy cell with no obvious way of escaping and no idea as to why they are there. They must use their wits to free themselves and start their journey through the Facility, surviving the polar conditions and searching for clues that will help them uncover and piece together the mysterious history of Facility 47.

Check out the screenshots below from the game. Click here to watch the game trailer! If you want to read some of the awesome reviews of Facility  47, just in case you need a little more persuading that you should download the game, here are some links:

‘Facility 47: The Rare Beast Of A Mystery Game Done Well’ 9.8/10 – Click here

‘Facility 47: Puzzle Me Pretty’ – Click here

‘Enigmatic And Beautiful, Facility 47 Is Here To Seduce You’ – Click here

‘Facility 47 – brilliant escape the room puzzler adventure!’ – 4.8/5 Click here

cell Underground_corridor building H ice_cave


Inertia does Halloween!

Inertia does Halloween!


With all the wonderful minds that we have in our office, Halloween seemed like the perfect chance to be creative and dress up and have a bit of a funday! There were many discussions before the day arrived and secrets kept as to the nature of everyone’s costumes as we all eagerly prepared our masterpieces. And so Friday 30th October (we celebrated a day early) rocked around and one by one everyone started to arrive at the office, albeit a little late for some of us! After discussing each other’s costumes in the morning and scaring the postman it was time to play some games, followed by takeaway and spooky cakes and an evening of bowling! (Still in costume of course!)

The winner of the best costume went to Graeme for his incredible prisoner/dinosaur combo, which required him having to source alternate means of transport for the day as the costume would not fit in his usual car! Check out the photos below to see all of the amazing costumes that were created!!

collage  IMG_4214 IMG_4228

Rock Band!!

Rock Band!!

Every Wednesday we try to have a social evening at the office… This week’s entertainment was a night of Rock Band!! – and a Subway or two to fuel the rocking.
Check out the photos below to see us all playing in our imaginary Inertia band! (PS. We are actually enjoying ourselves despite not looking like it, we were just concentrating so hard!!)collage

A spooky sneak peek..

A spooky sneak peek..

Halloween is fast approaching and we have been working extra hard to get ready for it in Mahjong: the Secret Garden!! We know just how much our players love to create and decorate wonderful gardens, and Halloween means that they can create an extra spooky mysterious surprise using our seasonal Limited Edition Halloween items. Here are just a couple of examples of what has been made before…      This year we have been working our socks off to create a glorious selection of new Halloween items to add to the collection. Here’s a little sneak peek at some of them.. halloween sneak peek

Keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of these spooky new items and get your thinking hats on and ready to create a spooktacular masterpiece this Halloween!! We are super excited to release these items and see what you all think of them!

Click here to play the game:

A Steak Challenge, a quiz and a farewell

A Steak Challenge, a quiz and a farewell

This week, our University placement student Alex left after completing his placement year here at Inertia Game Studios! Having been with us for almost a year, we had all grown very fond of our intern. Having spent the majority of his time here astounding us with the amount of food he can eat, there was only one way to say goodbye… A 72oz steak challenge at the local steak house!!

After week’s of preparation, Alex was feeling quite confident that he would be able to complete the challenge but unfortunately he fell just short and managed a whopping 60oz before admitting defeat (although he did manage to fit in a few scoops of chocolate ice cream afterwards!).

Despite that being his last day, he did come back for a ‘Pub Quiz’ style social event for a final goodbye where we wished him luck for the future and told him that we would very much like him to return one day. Check out the before, during and after photos to see just how much steak he managed to eat as well as one with his incredible hand-made diorama gift!


Inside our Office

Inside our Office

We have recently done a bit of re-arranging in our office between upstairs and downstairs, here’s a sneak peek in to the home of Inertia… (You may also notice some of our staff really hard at work!)

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender IMG_3519

Margrave Release Party

Margrave Release Party

Game release = Time to celebrate!!

We recently released the mobile/tablet version of the Secret of Margrave Manor and to celebrate this (and it finally being finished) we decided to have a little party. This involved a full day dedicated to playing games! A very wide range of games were played by everyone in the office, including Quake, Singstar, Telestrations, a table-tennis tournament, Buzz and more! We learnt that some people weren’t quite pitch perfect whilst others definitely need to improve on their artistic talents.

The games didn’t end there, the evening involved hiring out a soft play centre where we spent 2 hours running around like crazy children and thoroughly exhausting ourselves before heading out for some well deserved cocktails and a certain Tequila Suicide.

IMG_20150529_212205828 singstar collage table tennis collage table tennis winners

Road Trip to Norwich!

Road Trip to Norwich!

We were invited to attend a Game Expo hosted by the Radio 1 Academy in Norwich this year and it happened to fall on Graeme’s birthday! Armed with laptop’s and tablet’s, 4 of us bundled in to the car and headed to Norwich where we would be showcasing some of our games, including Escape from Darkmoor Manor and Mahjong: the Secret Garden!

We arrived (albeit a tiny bit late), picked up our BBC lanyards and set off to set things up. Luckily we had some time before the Expo started giving us a chance to have a look round some of the other companies that were showcasing games and it was a great opportunity to do some networking. There was also some live music going on during the day, The Maccabees were performing a Radio 1 Live Lounge so a couple of us sneaked off to watch some of this! There were lots of people coming and going throughout the day and it was great to meet so many students/young people that are interested in joining the Games Industry.

The day ended with our Senior Programmer Lucy Satchell taking part in a ‘Speed Meet’ session where she was able to talk to groups of young people about her career path and answer any questions they might have had for her. Take a look at some of the photos below for an insight in to our day!bbc collage 1 tablecloth

The Secret of Margrave Manor..

The Secret of Margrave Manor..

The Secret of Margrave Manor has been revived and brought back to life!! This classic hidden object game was the first installment in our hugely popular Margrave series for PC and we have just released it on iPhone, iPad and Android devices featuring updated images and artwork!

You can immerse yourself in Margrave Manor and search its many rooms, with over 150 levels available in story mode! In between completing the hidden object games and working your way through the spooky family Manor in search of your missing Grandfather, you can also uncover the secrets of the Manor by piecing together letter’s and journal entries that can be found along the way.

Check out the screenshots below for a sneak peek in to the game!

To download The Secret of Margrave Manor on iTunes, click here.

To download The Secret of Margrave Manor on Google Play, click here to try out the free version. Click here for the full version.

title_screenbilliards roomstudy


BBC Radio 1's Academy

BBC Radio 1’s Academy

This year the BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend is headed to Norwich and in the run up to Big Weekend,  the BBC are hosting the BBC Radio 1 Academy from the 9th-16th May. Aimed at 16-19 year old’s, the Academy will be hosting workshop sessions, live music, panels and Q&As to inspire you to take your interest in Music, Radio, TV and Video, Journalism, Gaming, and Digital careers to the next level.

Inertia Game Studios can announce that we will be attending the Game Expo event on Thursday 14th May as part of the Academy!! We will be showcasing our games and providing an insight to our company with the hope of inspiring young, new talent to join the games industry. To get involved and get inspired, tickets will be released on Saturday 25th April and will be available until the final day of the Academy – click here for more details! If you want the latest updates on the event, check out their Facebook page here and look out for the hashtag #R1Academy on Twitter!!11092619_808708459210275_4202349248415839924_o