Dragon Words is here!

Icon_160x160_DW_FBOur latest brand new game has recently been released on Facebook!

Dragon Words is an exciting new word game. In it, the evil Jen has stolen the alphabet and scattered it among the stars and it’s your job to get it back! Help Sparx the Dragon defeat him using your word searching skills – fight back by linking letters together to form awesome words. It won’t be easy! Watch out for dangerous asteroids and fast spreading frost trying to block your every turn.

Help is at hand though, use your wit and spelling skills to chain together long words into super charged tiles, capable of blasting through the board and reaping huge rewards! There are also power ups and boosts which increase your score and create awesome special effects.

Players can puzzle their way through hundreds of challenging levels across countless constellations, and can play alone or compete against their Facebook friends to see who has the greatest word skills!

Check out the screenshots below to see some of what the game has to offer, and click here to start your own cosmic word adventure now on Facebook! Plus, follow our Dragon Words Facebook page to get all the latest updates, including information about the upcoming mobile app!

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